Strengthening Social Inclusion and Empowerment for People with Disabilities through the Malang Inclusion Forum

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Persons with disabilities constitutionally have the same rights and  status before the law and government. But unfortunately, legal  issues, the implementation of Law No. 8/2016 is considered not
optimal. The Malang Inclusion Forum as a miniature inclusive  society will continue to act as a motor for the disability social movement and control government policies. This research includes  qualitative descriptive research and case study research. Data were collected through observation, interviews, documentation and literature study. Determination of sources of information (informants) in this study is purposive sampling with the snowball  method. The data that has been obtained were analyzed using the interactive analysis technique of Milles and Huberman. The results of this research are the strengthening of social inclusion for people with disabilities through the Malang Inclusion Forum in the form of disability awareness, disabled people are aware of advocacy,  and disabled people are aware of regulations. Meanwhile, empowerment for people with disabilities is in the form of awareness raising and capacity training as well as network development and development.



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