Milestone Zero Leprosy Project 2024

Milestone Zero Leprosy Project 2024

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The Milestone Zero Leprosy Project 2024 in Pasuruan Regency focuses on improving access to basic services for people affected with leprosy (PAWL) and disabilities.

The Zero Leprosy Project (ZLP) is a collaborative program between NLR Indonesia and Lingkar Sosial Indonesia (LINKSOS) from 2024 to 2026. The program’s implementation is focused in East Java, specifically in Pasuruan Regency.

NLR Indonesia is a leprosy care organization, part of the NLR Alliance, headquartered in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, Lingkar Sosial Indonesia (LINKSOS) is a Disability Empowerment Center in Malang, East Java, working across Indonesia.

Previously, in 2019, NLR Indonesia and LINKSOS collaborated on the Mardika project in Malang Regency. The project then shifted to Pasuruan Regency from 2020 to 2023. The urgency of the collaboration between NLR Indonesia and LINKSOS is due to the high number of leprosy cases in East Java. Additionally, public awareness and concern regarding leprosy are still considered low, and there is a persistent stigma associated with the disease.


Milestone 2024

The collaboration between NLR Indonesia and LINKSOS in 2024-2026 is titled the Zero Leprosy Project (ZLP). This project aims to achieve zero leprosy in Indonesia, particularly in the working area of Pasuruan Regency.

The ZLP 2024-2026 has three outcomes. First, communities and individuals affected by leprosy access basic services. Second, increasing coverage (contacts and areas) in the intervention areas of SDR PEP implementation according to national guidelines. Third, strengthening the acceleration, collaboration, and integration of policies and programs for Penularan dan Eksklusi Kusta across stakeholders.

Despite the three-year collaboration, the Milestone Zero Leprosy Project 2024 only focuses on one outcome: communities and individuals affected by leprosy accessing basic services.

Specific Steps

There are 3 specific steps to achieve the Milestone Zero Leprosy Project 2024. First is the formation of the Zero Leprosy Forum. Second, the fulfillment of social security and social assistance for people with leprosy and disabilities. Third, strengthening the active role of people affected with leprosy in achieving zero leprosy.

The Zero Leprosy Forum is an inclusive organization aimed at achieving zero leprosy in Indonesia. This organization was born and operates from Pasuruan Regency.

Cross-Sectoral Collaboration

To achieve the Milestone Zero Leprosy Project 2024, cross-sectoral support is needed. These sectors include:

  1. Nguling Integrated Health Center, as an extension of the role and authority of the Pasuruan District Health Office. This health center has shown good performance during the Mardika project from 2020 to 2023. In this program, the Nguling Integrated Health Center plays a role as the implementing agency/unit.
  2. TKSK, as an extension of the role of the Pasuruan District Social Office in the field. In the zero leprosy cooperation, TKSK plays an important role in efforts to fulfill social security and social assistance. TKSK also plays a role in providing assistance to people with disabilities.
  3. Community Organizers (CO), who serve as community liaisons that gather support from people affected with leprosy, people with disabilities, community leaders, and religious figures.
  4. Pentahelix, which involves collaboration among 5 stakeholder groups, including the Government through relevant departments, businesses, academia, communities, and mass media.

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